ruminations on the law

Here’s a quote from one of the GREAT BLOGGERS who has already received his law degree … it adds hope to my inhibitions about law school, and aside from my excitement about the daily obstacles i’ll have to overcome in law school (i.e. cooped up all night staring at cases for hours in the library only to stumble to class and find that i’d studied the wrong material; this has been a recurring nightmare of mine), it gets me pretty excited about the grand-scale challenges that i’ll face as i enter this new realm of society:

… Looking back at it, there really wasn’t much of anything funny about law school.But somehow we still managed to laugh. Quite a bit, I think.

So . . . try to remember that. Try to remember that, yes, we are going into a humorless business full of uptight, soulless pricks. But it can only stay a business full of uptight, soulless pricks if we all in fact become uptight, soulless pricks.

So here’s to the eternal preservation of the soul, the endless suppression of uptight prickery.

Here’s to getting a laugh out of the law everyday. And not a lame, bullshit laugh like “Heh-heh, that guy went to a state school” or “Oh man, she must have missed the bonus this year–she’s shopping at Banana Republic.”

Make it a real laugh.

Here’s to dropping the Ludacris footnote into your judge’s opinion, or the GHB in the hiring partner’s coffee, or your pants at the firm Christmas banquet. Here’s to providing fodder for the hundreds of law students blogging about their clerkships each summer. Here’s to setting aside a few minutes out of each day–each of the thousands of days we’ll spend in this serious profession–to take ourselves a little less than seriously. Seriously.
Yeah, he nailed my feelings exactly.

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  1. can’t wait to hear about your journey to law school! you don’t need any luck pennies to get in … i have faith in you, anna

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