sunny side up

Today I feel a lot of doubt and anxiety about the LSAT, so I’ve decided to fight that fear with positivity. Here I am, realizing that the fate of the next 3.5 years of my life – and future as well, if you want to be technical – rests on the dreaded exam i’ve come to dearly term “the lamest test in the world.” Despite this, I’ve decided to instead dwell on things i’m happy about and the good (& great) things going on in my life right now.

 The list ensues (you knew it, didn’t you?):

1. sisters, especially mine

2. my large, crazy family that is awesome and full of enough material for 20,000 novels + seeing them all over town when i least expect it

3. bubble baths

4. intellectual talks with interesting boys

5. tropical iced tea

6. law firms full of friendly people that are willing to hire on fresh-out-of-college-grads like me and give me meaningful work that gets me oh so excited about law school

7. yoga after work

8. my cute new volvo (& my amazing parents that are entirely too good to me!)

9.’s weddings & celebrations section (because it’s impossible to read these stories and not be full of joy)

10. laughing at ridiculous witnesses who, while testifying on the witness stand wearing a loose-fitting suit and dark sunglasses, say things like “you act like i be doing bad things!” when questioned about a history full of a long list of felony indictments

11. Mr. McDreamy

12. hot tea, a good book and a cute little doggy sitting at your feet

13. Audrey Hepburn movies

14. Apple computers

15. cute kids you don’t know – with absolutely zero inhibitions – at outdoor orchestra concerts that come sit on your blanket and want you to play with them all night

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