why i want to be a lawyer

1.  The profession is in constant need of honest people.

There are two qualities that make for the highest success in the law – honesty and dishonesty.  To get ahead you must either be so irreproachable in your conduct and elevated in your ideals that your reputation for viture becomes your chief asset, or, on the other hand, so crooked that your very dishonesty makes you invaluable to your clients … the crooked lawyer has got to be so crooked that everybody is afraid of him, even the judge.

The Confessions of Artemis Quibble, 1924

2.  Lawyers must not only be persistent defenders of their clients but also steadfast pursuers of justice for society as a whole.

“The lawyer is the fellow who evens things up, the champion of all those who … must bear the Whips and scorns of time, the oppressor’s wrong…the law’s delay…. He fights fire with fire, meets guile with guile, and rights the legal wrong.

Mr. Tutt’s Case Book, 1936

(both quotations by Arthur Train)


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