nerd alert!

you might be a nerd if:

* you’re a book-lover.    (a.k.a. one who likes to read books aloud with friends/family/whoever will listen & enjoys – REALLY enjoys – reading renaissance-era books in the park on Sunday afternoons)

* you’re a law enthusiast.    (a.k.a. one who finds pure excitement in all matters relating to litigation … including those most describe as downright boring such as medical records, depositions, the discovery process, etc.)

* you’re a classical music / jazz fan.   (a.k.a. one who clamors for the relaxing, mind-bending wonders of classical music & completely enjoys listening to “Clearly Classical” on NPR during their lunch hour)

confession: if any one of these descriptions is sufficient to classify one’s nerd status, i’m a lost soul … I qualify for all three.

soapbox: ah, labels … they don’t suit the majority of people i know, so why do we have them? are our brains too small to process more extensive descriptions of others or are we too – what’s the word – lazy?


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