life is one big lesson, learned over & over again

so i’m feeling really, really thankful today for my amazing job at the firm i’m working at right now … especially thankful for a lawyer in particular that has taken me under his wing and has taught me so much more than i thought i’d ever learn before law school. life is funny this way, you know – i mean, never in a MILLION years would i have guessed what a perfect opportunity was waiting for me in the town i grew up in. in college, i saw myself in a big metropolitan city right after college, working and just taking it all in, but this is exactly where i’m supposed to be right now. (i’m still trying to figure out how to spend the rest of this year before law school, but it will all be clear soon, i hope.)

this all got me thinking that maybe i try to plan out my life way too much. i mean, if i hadn’t been open-minded to the idea of living in my hometown for a little while (and with my parents again – something i still can’t believe i gave in to – which really isn’t all that bad) i never would have taken this job or been so lucky to be learning so so much!

life is amazing sometimes.

lesson of the day: take the chances that bring you closer to your passions & dreams and pleasant surprises will await you.

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