this is me, officially freaking out.

ok, so i’m a TINY BIT worried about the lsat right now. one attorney at work sat me down in his office to basically tell me that this little test will determine my future (aka my happiness and worth as a person, essentially). so how i do on this test, is VERY important, he said. another attorney stopped by my office and casually mentioned that he quit his job to study for the lsat and apply to law school (umm…this advice comes a little bit late, don’t you think?) and yet another lawyer laughed when he saw me studying on my lunch break, and he said he’s glad he doesn’t have to do that again! well, thanks guys. i really appreciate the midnight-hour encouragement/advice… i think i’m going to skip yoga after work today and take like 3 practice tests. if i don’t get satisfactory scores, i’m switching my lsat date to december. that would be the 2nd time i put this lame test off, but perhaps i’ll have to swallow my ego and study for two more months, if that’s what it takes to conquer it!

 *sigh* i really can’t wait until all of this hysteria is over. 

2 Responses

  1. I believe in you, Anna!

  2. thanks, jenny! i know it will all work out. the stress of it all sort of gets to me sometimes, i guess! thanks for the encouragement.

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