ah, the irony …

i love this story!!

so this career-minded girl, jillian, leaves her amazing job at the oprah show in chicago for new york city to write a book about why so many career-focused guys/gals in her generation are still unattached well into their twenties … and after countless convos with a tall, dark handsome and equally-unattached boy she meets at a bar, she finds love in the midst of her pursuit to prove that her generation is hopelessly missing the love boat.

how cute is that? 🙂

i love reading stories like this. it has become somewhat of a theme the past few weeks – i think i’ve heard a handful of variations of the same story: girl decides she’ll pursue career/education/travel instead of love. girl gets super caught up in her pursuits. girl is loving life. girl is really loving life. girl meets boy. boy loves that the girl is so passionate. girl is not really looking for a boy & boy doesn’t fit every prerec on her “list,” so she passes him by. boy pursues. girl finds herself falling for boy. girl & boy live happily ever after.

i hope jillian finishes her book. i’m sure she has much more insight than when she approached the topic before her mr. mcdreamy came along.

i’ll risk sounding cliche and add that life is funny this way – sometimes the purest joy is like this. you’ll find yourself happiest when you stop trying to align the stars and calculate every detail of your life – to “create” happiness for yourself; you’ll find you’re happiest where you least expect it, with people that you’d least expect to be, doing things you never dreamed you’d be doing.

college is great, but it’s amazing what you learn when you’re forced to leave. it’s especially amazing the sorts of things you learn about yourself when you step out into the the enigma some call the “real world.” (i still haven’t figured out exactly what this means – but i guess that’s what you could call where i am right now.) all i can do is smile sometimes when i think about all of the blessings in my life, all of the small graces that God has lavished on me. i am so thankful for the abilities he’s given me, the people he’s placed in my life in my past, present and that i’m confident he will place in my future. he has so much to teach us, if we’ll only listen.

to live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else.
-emily dickenson


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