i rant, i rave, i’m rattled

ah, politics. it’ll do it to me.

so today I decided that kinky friedman running for governor of texas reveals the state’s deep-down (and rarely admitted) inferiority complex, especially in relation to california. texans are jealous of the crazy, wonderful california governator & they want a celebrity leader too. texas did not do well as it’s own country & it would not flourish alone now. get over it. i mean if arnold & kinky were to fight, the schwarzenegger would totally win.

& about obama, the possible presidential candidate from ohio … where did he come from? all you hear (on npr, in magazines & in the papers) is that he may have the presence & likability of the best politicians but does he have the brains? & where exactly does he stand on the important issues? still, many are convinced he’d make a stellar pres! when did we base our important political decisions on personality instead of principles? crazy stuff.

the whole foley issue is saddening. how many times are we going to hear about priests -men dedicating a life to faith & God – sexually mistreating little altar boys?? what are they thinking? rev. mercieca said he thought nothing was wrong with the “inappropriate” behavior he engaged in with foley at the time, but now realizes his mistake. does he simply realize his mistake now that the word’s out about his behavior? not that foley’s off the hook – we each are responsible for our actions – but this is ridiculous … & FROM A CATHOLIC PRIEST?! it’s sick is what it is.


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