apple pies & memories

so i baked an apple pie last night … i was so proud of myself! it turned out so well!! no burnt crust, no forgotten ingredients, not too crumbly, not too sugary. & all sweet & gooey inside… mmmm! the only problem is that it made me miss college. well, mostly my friends from college. i mean, if i were still living with my tremont girls in our cute little house, the pie would be gone by now. it would have been gone last night – scratch that – it would have been gone before it was even finished. the first time i made an apple pie was in college for an easter dinner we were having at our house. the pie was gone before i even got a piece, but i could have cared less.

sweet sarah dittman (now kibler) & i spent the afternoon making that amazing apple pie. i mean we went all out. we even criss-crossed the crust on top.

the apple pie i made last night is only half-gone & it’s just sitting there, looking so lonely in the fridge.

i wish i still saw my college friends everyday. i miss making dinners with my roommates. i miss going downtown. i miss ong. i miss christ chapel. i miss going to the modern on wednesdays. i miss dance parties in the kitchen. i miss younglife.

& it’s not that i wish i was still in college. i am so happy to be where i am right now. i’ve got an AMAZING job & i cannot wait for what’s on the horizon: a new city, law school… i just realize sometimes how lucky i was to have such a great college experience & to have found such great friends there. so if you’re reading this right now & we met in fort worth, thank you. thanks for making it the best 4 (& 1/2!) years that it possibly could have been. i am so blessed.

our beautiful desserts that easter at tremont, including the famous apple pie:




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