ruled by the cycle

so i haven’t written in a little while, and i figured i’d get back on the ball … i haven’t very good about honoring my commitment to write regularly. i guess this time of year seems to weigh me down – with the holidays approaching, projects at school (now work) compiling, law school apps to fill out & something in the air just seems to scream out each fall: “hurry, hurry! time is running out!”

this all got me thinking that our culture seems to thrive on a goal-oriented mindset. we’re always waiting, anxiously for the next big thing – be it the next social gathering, the next time we get to see our friends or relatives, the next summer break, the next time we get to put up our feet and spend time on our own watch, the next time finals are over, the next case that gets settled, the next trial verdict doled out, the next big game, the next pat on the back … it never ends. where does life fit into this cycle?

i find myself falling into this trap far too often. i feel that my life begins after my next goal is is reached. i feel that life is lived in those few short moments of sighs of relief when i feel accomplished and content. but in truth, most of life is in living these long periods of time where we are reaching for the next goal or break. life is all of it.

why do i focus on the goals and not on the time in between? why do we value achieving goals over enjoying the process?

we can see the effects of this goal-oriented mindset infiltrating our culture. i think this is why women’s inner strength & nurturing abilities are undervalued. this is why certain professions, such as teaching, are downplayed as they are. this is why material success trumps wisdom in the minds of most americans. as much as i hate all of these aspects of a society of people driven by goals, i buy into it everyday.

i’m going to make a conscious effort this holiday season to try & enjoy each day as it comes instead of focusing on getting to the next weekend, the next vacation, the next time i am free of work or school obligations … one momenet at a time.

the fool, with all his other faults, has this also, he is always getting ready to live. -epicurus

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