am i a bobo too??

since reading david brooks’ clever, sometimes-accurate picture of the new upper-class, in the book bobos in paradise, this idea of the bobo – bourgeois bohemian – has kept my attention. i’ll have to say that certain portions of the book irked me in that they emphasize the new upper-class as overtly and consistently consumeristic. i think they can at least appear to be much less so and still be considered perfectly bourgeois bohemian, a member of the elite bobo class.

 i was perusing the wedding page, no less, and found a perfect picture of a “bobo” that i think should have been included in bobos in paradise. this woman is so intriguing and likeable. she’s also a little less flagrantly yuppie-ish.  she lives life with a hippy-flair that doesn’t “openly” value materialism as much as brooks’ picture of a bobo. i realize that i buy into a lot of the bobo-lifestyle (i do like my sugar-filled latte-ish starbucks drinks, ikea furniture, good wine and my yoga classes) but this girl’s got it down.  read on . . .

she’s the owner of a papaya-colored yoga studio in sag harbor, new york. (she often challenges her yoga students to hold a headstand for the duration of the beatles song “let it be.”) she is a model – tall and thin, with long ringlets of golden hair. she’s fearless: she loves wearing bright orange, diving into the frigid ocean, laughing loudly, going barefoot and making radical changes in her life.

she grew up working at a fast-food chain, ran on the boy’s track team and regularly wrote mother theresa about the meaning of life.

she’s come close to death on a few occasions. she was hit by a car once, at age 15. she was struck by lightening while camping.

she’s messy. she’s spontaneous. she’s loud.

she thinks helping people is more important than acquiring “things.”

she just married the famous, prosperous yoga instructor, rodney yee.

she is a bobo, in my mind and a much more complicated one than that which brooks describes in his book.

i think this shows that no matter how many times we try to create boxes to fit people in, they will never be perfectly-suited for all of us. life is funny that way. it is full of science and math and rules and logic, and it is also full of a million circumstances where those rules must be broken.

i know it’s not perfect, but it’s life. life is messy sometimes.                                -grey’s anatomy



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  1. interesting book and this is an interesting post… what an insightful girl you are, miss anna banana! 🙂 p.s. i miss you.

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