the all-inclusive list

a few of you have been asking me which law schools i ended up applying to … and with eighteen to list, almost every time, i forget to include a couple. (and, no, i don’t mind at all explaining where and why i’ve applied. i love when people ask!) but, for the record here they are – organized alphabetically by state:

1. california western univ. (san diego)
2. golden gate univ. (san fran)
3. loyola univ. (los angeles)
4. pepperdine univ. (malibu)
5. santa clara univ. (santa clara)
6. univ. of california, davis  (davis)
7. univ. of california, hastings  (san fran)
8. univ. of the pacific  (sacramento)
9. univ. of san diego (san diego)
10. univ. of san francisco  (san fran)
11. univ. of southern california (los angeles)
12. boston univ.  (boston)
13. northwestern univ.  (chicago)
14. univ. of pennsylvania  (philadephia)
::washington, dc::
15. american university (d.c.)
16. georgetown university (d.c.)
17. george mason university  (technically: fairfax, virginia)
18. george washington university  (d.c.)

whew! boy, am i glad all these apps are in. the application process was nothing short of long and arduous. it was quite a feat just to get these all in on time (& in fact, they were all in early!) … preparation for law school, i suppose.

2 Responses

  1. May I just say that number 4 on your list is a fine institution of higher learning AND an excellent place to learn how to surf…

    Also, Congrats on the DC job! That sounds awesome!

  2. Hey Anna! Those Northern CA schools are pretty nice. I’ve heard UC Davis is especially known for its law school. Just giving my 2 cents 🙂

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