to our nation’s capital i go!

in a little over two weeks from today, i will be on a plane, flying across the country, headed to washington, dc. for four months.

i’m so antsy to go it’s ridiculous! 

i’ve found a place to rent, my job start-date is set, i’ve given my two weeks notice here, flights are booked, and (with a little help from google) i’ve even scoped out a yoga studio and nearby coffeeshop: i’m set to go!

i know what you’re thinking, why would i leave the golden land of milk and honey to live in a place with frigid winters, in the middle of what some might label a political mess. let me explain …

 there, i’ll be working for a local theatre (arena stage) until may. it’s not just any theatre, though, it’s the largest non-profit theatre in dc. and with my interest in working for a national or local non-profit as a legal advocate after law school, i had to jump on this opportunity. i figured it was time to see the innerworkings of a non-profit organization with a long history of public involvement and strong group of supporters. added bonus: i landed a marketing job at arena stage, which will be a nice break from the legal work i’ve been doing at the firm here. plus, it’s in one of the most intriguing cities i’ve ever visited. 

i simply cannot wait to head to a city so rich in history and so full of activity – albeit some of it productive and some not. regardless, i’ll be able to read political stories in the washington post, sitting in a coffee shop mere steps from the capital and the actual locations of the president and these influential decision-makers.

i can’t wait to explore our country’s national treasures on the weekends. i’m just elated to lose myself in an east coast world — i’m sure i’ll come to see how different it is than sunny california.

i just know there are a million hidden gems in dc, and i’m so anxious to discover them.

i’ll be in heaven, surrounded by so many educated, driven people – many of them my age and attending law school or working for a senator or lobbying for a cause.

it will broaden my horizons and provide a real-world education in ways that i couldn’t have dreamed.

it will be four months of bliss, i’m sure of it! 


 ::  p.s.  i’d love to have visitors during my stay in dc … i’m staying in a great townhouse on busy massachusetts ave., in downtown dc. i’ve got a large bed and would love to share it anytime while i’m there – february through may. we’d have a blast exploring together!  ::


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