tales from “the district”

i’m all settled in at my new home in dc for a few months. i’ve been exploring this lovely city every chance i get, and i began my job at arena stage today.

***the home i’m living in has an interesting array of rentors living beneath it’s roof, which consist of: a 40-something-year-old wife/mother/photographer who acts as the house mom, two 30-something german lawyers & a japanese couple who consistently and fervently reply to “goodnight” with “yes, yes it is very cold out.” i wander what they’ll reply to my night greeting when it gets warmer…

i’m so excited to wander around even more during the weekends to come. so far, i’ve ventured out & discovered little gems and landmarks in dupont circle, georgetown, adams morgan around mass. ave. & pockets of the northwest & southwest areas of dc. current favorites include a coffeeshop/bakery – which cooks organic bread daily – called firehook, wandering the side streets around dupont circle, dean&deluca in georgetown (a classic!), and watching the dog-walkers, businessmen+women and commuters outside my room’s front-facing window.

i can’t wait to keep getting lost & finding my way again in this walkable, albeit currently FREEZING, city. (today’s high: a cold 24 degrees, with a wind chill! this california girl is praying for the cold front to leave dc alone.)

*** first lesson learned: today, my feet were perpetually purple from a mix of the frigid temperatures, freezing wind, all the walking and my horrible choice in cute shoes for the first day of work! tomorrow, i’ll be wearing boots & changing at work.

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