with the cold came a sweet surprise…

it snowed here yesterday evening … all of the arctic freezing weather turned dc into a winter wonderland. it was beautiful. i know, i know. i’m aware that is snows every winter here, and that this is nothing new. in fact, i should have expected it, but i didn’t. as i was heading back to the house, snowflakes slowly began to fall. i sort of freaked out. it’s not that i’ve never seen snow in my life before, but i’ve never lived where it snowed before. this is a completely different feeling.

after i got home, i stood inside watching the snowflakes slowly outline the trees and gates and cars and grass and sidewalk.

walking to work the next day, with the snow crunching under my boots, for a moment, i felt like a real washingtonian. i’m pretty sure i smiled during my entire 25-minute commute to arena stage… yes, i’m aware i sound more like a tourist here than a local, but i don’t care. i love it that it takes something so simple to brighten my day.

as the snow was first falling yesterday night, i bundled up and hopped out the front door to snap a few shots of our cute little yard being blanketed in snow. some of the pictures are below. (click to enlarge.)






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