a capital confection

magical moment #5,555,555 since moving to dc:

while sitting in a triangular-shaped coffee shop in northwest dc, reading a new book I purchased from the “washington” section of a bookshop here, i stumbled across this –

jon’s theory is that dupont circle is a paradise in the heart of the city: in dupont circle poor meets rich, old meets young, gay meets straight, native meets new arrival, and the peoples, styles, and languages all squish together to form america … dupont circle, jon maintains to friends when they complain that the place has become commercialized, gentrified, metro-station dominated, is still perfect.

and i looked up from where i was sitting in that window-full, corner coffeeshop, to find that i too was looking out onto the same circle that jon described as a “paradise” in the middle of the city. i think it is so representative of all that is washington and all that is america. as the times change and commercialization grips more tightly on each corner of our world, it is more imperative that we see the beautiful texture of america, as people of different backgrounds, religions, cultures and lifestyles are living in ever-closer proximity. as he went on to describe the fountain, i sat amazed that i was right there, with a perfect view of the very center of an orbiting universe of vastly different people, all rubbing up against one another and colliding each morning, afternoon and – as i sat there with the snow and sleet coming down – wintry evening too.

… the fountain in front of him resembles a flying saucer, held aloft by two greek women in flowing robes and one scantily clad greek man blowing on a conch shell. water pours from the saucer in a silky curtain into the basin below.

i felt as if i’d suddenly been picked up and dropped into paul kafka-gibbons’ novel.

as the title of the chapter i’d been reading so beautifully describes, i felt i was anchored down by “the still point of the turning world.” everything had suddenly stopped, and i had become a silent observer, watching the world around me move on as i sat sipping my coffee, devouring my book and adding to the richness of dupont and of washington, in my own small way.


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