home envy

while wandering around some hip and trendy neighborhoods on foot a couple days ago (while the weather was nice and balmy), i had a marvelous time peeking inside fancy townhouses, studio apartments and lofts of the well-to-do in the district. while it was dark outside, many of these homes had their lights on and windows open … i know, i know, it sounds a little sketchy of me to be eavesdropping this way, but you know you do it too!


although i didn’t have my camera with me – and I would have felt a little weird taking pictures of the places – i was inspired by some of these completely modern, completely comfortable-looking, completely well-put-together abodes.

online (on an architectural firm’s site, in the new york times’ home&garden section, on blogs and in online european traveling hubs) i found some photos of apartments, studios, homes, hotels and swanky hostels with the same appeal.

someday i want to live like this. 

enjoy …


the 1930s rockefeller apartments in manhattan. called “the moderns.”


a cheery kitchen of one of “the moderns.”


 casa howard: an italian hotel chain.


award-winning soho based architectural firm roger hirsch architect. (i want to be his friend.)


image from cadwallader design. 


sarah jessica parker/matthew broderick’s kitchen (with a lovely enzo mari la mela print) from elle décor.


* click on the pictures to enlarge *


3 Responses

  1. I can’t buy myself a home yet…those are pretty pics.I hate the owners!:-)

  2. They are so you!

  3. your work is really superb ……

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