welcome to a year of mornings

every once in a while, when i feel starved for some organic art or i’m wistful of lazy saturday mornings with my mom & dad – pancakes on the griddle, dad in his robe reading the newspaper, i turn to 3191.

this beautiful site combines the photographs of two women who live 3,191 miles from each other. (one in portland, oregan; the other in portland, maine.) their morning photos are juxtaposed against one another, creating a movie-reel-like snapshot of the beginnings of a day in two corners of the world.

they profess: “we like to get up early.”

the shots are mesmerizing at times.

a few of my favorites:





check out their site. you’ll thank me later.

* * * this post is dedicated to mr. robby smith … the boy who is always unabashedly chipper in the morning!


One Response

  1. as i was enjoying a recent photo post on 3191, i smiled as i read what one of the commentors wrote:
    “after reading CNN’s headlines and updates all day, i can’t tell you how nice it was to visit your site. feels like sighing.”

    another wrote:
    “life goes on. (your pictures always whisper this to me.)”

    i think these are the exact reasons i’m so drawn to stephanie and mav’s photos.

    such a refreshing site amidst all of the death and destruction going on around the world right now – with the war in iraq and the shootings in virginia…

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