law school update V


a couple weekends ago i traveled back to california to visit law schools… 

with a supportive crew along with me – mom, dad and boyfriend – i visited three northern california schools that i’ve been accepted to. 

mcgeorge school of law, in sacramento: 22-acre law campus nestled in a quiet neighborhood in sac; lots of green grass and space to sprawl out.


university of san francisco law school: atop a lovely hill, occupying a corner of the stunning (and super safe) usf campus, which includes the gorgeous st. ignatius church.


university of california, hastings school of law, in san francisco: smack dab in the middle of the judicial district in a somewhat unsafe area of san fran; state court and federal building surround the campus.


each school had it’s own marvelous selling points, but i ruled out mcgeorge, as the uber laid-back atmosphere & the location weren’t as appealing  to me as usf and hastings. san francisco just can’t be beat – for a number of reasons! 

i still have not made a final decision between the two. i have a feeling that i have labored over this decision much more than any law student since the beginning of time. countless hours of sleep have been lost. SLEEP! PRECIOUS SLEEP! this decision will probably be more difficult than the three grueling years of law school that are quickly approaching.* if i make it through this decision, law school will be a cinch, i tell myself.  

any thoughts or suggestions on this topic before the looming deadlines creep up and steal what sanity i have left? 

*ok, so i’m exaggerating a little bit.

2 Responses

  1. Since you asked for thoughts, having been born at USF, gone to City College of SF and having left part of my heart in San Fransico, I feel good about USF. When I ask God for a sign, I always ask for a large one. That’s my prayer for you.
    love you, Linder

  2. Good luck with the choices. I found your site when searching for USF + McGeorge. I am trying to decide between the two myself. Did you make the law day at USF?

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