things that make me laugh …

doggy daycare centers that smell more like the ritz than a motel 6

… why so funny? because one night for an average-sized puppy in a luxury room at the Wag Hotel is $72!! (includes plasma tvs, sofas, rugs, paintings, classical music, personalized playtime with humans, organic food fed twice a day, playgroups with other pets, etc. – you know, the usual)

   the 25 most exquisitely sad songs in the world 

… why am i laughing? because a lot of my favorite songs are on the list. (most fav: #12, in the wee small hours of the morning by frank sinatra)

“the five-second rule explored or how dirty is that bologna?”

 … why so hilarious? because clemson scientists performed a thorough microbiological study of the five-second rule: the idea that if you pick up a dropped piece of food before you can count to five, it’s ok to eat it. clemson scientists have too much time on their hands if you ask me.

isabella blow’s crazy costume-like clothes

sadly, ms. blow has died this past week, but i have a feeling that her inventive apparel will keep people chuckling the world over well past her lifetime… a great legacy, if you ask me.

role play

… why? because posts like this one from keep me coming back for more. and because kids are a whole heck-of-a-lot smarter & sneakier than we give them credit for. it’s sorta like my daily dose of laughter.

  pitching tents in new york city…? 

… why? because respectable, well-paid young professionals are cramming into tiny apartments, living in office spaces and in tents on the top of buildings because nyc has major housing issues. i know it’s not politically correct to laugh at people’s plight, but i can’t help it.

 because adults can have FUN too!

… why? because i hope i never become “too old” to have a girl’s weekend with friends and take silly photos of us pretending we’re superheros. rock on, dooce + friends!  

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