i felt like a little girl playing house…

last weekend, with a lot of help from mom, dad & robby, i moved & assembled my furniture into my new pac heights studio. (thanks, guys!)

as requested from many of you, here’s a little peak at a few things from west elm that we set up inside:
(first few pics are from west elm, not my apartment!)

my dining chairs (garvey dining chairs in expresso/beet jacquard print) —p_f523_inroom_we07c158d_f07_070619152653_inroom.jpg

my coffee table (low wood coffee table in chocolate) — p_f553_inroom_we07bp112d_f07_070523131832_inroom.jpg

my bed frame & headboard (low wood cutout headboard in acorn) —

my duvet cover (octagon jacquard duvet cover in steel) —

my entry rug (modern link design) —

& a little look at the ouside of my new abode:


things i’m super excited about…

having friends come visit & explore my neighborhood with me, walking around the corner to the grove, getting my latte fix at peet’s coffee & tea, going to yoga at international orange (namesake: the color of the golden gate bridge), grabbing groceries at the cute little corner market, the jonathon adler store and grabbing cornbread to go from the elite cafe.

… more pictures to come!


7 Responses

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  2. This is great! I feel the same exact way right now: I’m originally from Los Angeles and am moving into a studio in Berkeley. It’s my first place and am trying to find furniture that will make a small space suitable for entertaining, studying, dining, lounging, and sleeping. I just purchased my first piece of furniture, a $6 toaster. I truly feel, like you put it, a little girl playing house!

  3. Hey, I just read your “About” section and we have a few things in common! I am 23. I am going to UC Berkeley as a philosophy major. I lived in Spain to learn Spanish and am now planning to study French. I love dogs and my other boyfriend is my golden retriever. Lastly, I am pre-law!

  4. Who makes your bed and where can i find one?

  5. Michele: The bed is from West Elm. I’m very happy with it! http://www.westelm.com (They’ve still got the same bed for sale that I bought, but the linens are not for sale on their site any longer.) Good luck!

  6. Andy: When do you plan on starting law school? Do you hope to stay at Berkeley after undergrad? … How’s pre-law working out for you so far?

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