overheard in law school…

3L (who, by the mess around him has obviously been in the library for a long time) to librarian: have you looked closely at these new chairs? this is an accident waiting to happen – the metal right here (*points to practically invisible piece of screw sticking out*), it’s sharper than a switchblade!

librarian: yes, sir. i see that, sir. i’ll get right on that.

3L: ok, good.

librarian: you can’t be too careful with a bunch of future lawyers walking around.

3L: one word – lawsuit. you should really take me seriously. you might have a lot of personal injury suits, if it isn’t fixed quickly, m’am. you should consider reading up in this (*points to his Torts casebook*). there are study guides on aisle 32.

3L walks away.

librarian grumbles under her breath.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, SIR? Is this a usual thing where you live, was the librarian being sarcastic, or are librarians considered subordinate to the students?

  2. the librarian was most definitely being sarcastic. “yes, SIR” is definitely NOT common ’round these parts…

    needless to say the student didn’t appreciate the librarian’s sarcasm.

    but i did.

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