the battle for control of the galaxy…uhh, i mean…groceries

for my legal writing course, i have to do research for & write a memorandum regarding a pretty hilarious parody of the star wars movie, called “grocery store wars.”

we’re instructed to consider whether or not the satirical film violates copyright infringement laws or whether it will be deemed as “fair use” by a federal court.

it’s an amusing case with some interesting elements, & i couldn’t help passing along this youtube link so you too can wonder what the heck the producers were thinking when they made this. the spoof is meant to poke fun at star wars’ commercial success & it’s similarities to large grocery stores’ annihilation of small mom-&-pop grocers. the characters include princess lettuce (with donut hair buns), cuke skywalker, lord tader & tofu d2, among others.

may the force be with you all.

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