rainy day

the rain soaked through my shoes & jeans today on the way to school. definitely not prepared for the torrential downpour.

it’s not a pleasant feeling to be wiggling your toes & squirming in your seat in an effort to dry yourself while your contracts professor grills your class about quasi contracts and restitution as a basis of enforcement and could call on you and quiz you any moment about anything from the 5 million pages of reading you had last night.

at least i had my coffee mug filled with hot coffee this morning. i wouldn’t have made it without that steamy snickernut blend from central market.

i don’t mind rainy days, but i can’t stand being unprepared.

a few rainy-day essentials to cheer up a wet day:
* a good umbrella (like this one, from j.crew)
* comfy rain boots (dots are always fun!)
* rain jacket
* a rainy day itunes mix, including:
– i love the rain the most, joe purdy
– raincoat, morgan taylor
– you alone, david crowder
– corduroy, jaymay
– falling slowly, glen hansard & marketa irglova (from the amazing irish indie film, once. dooce agrees.)

it almost makes a rainy day worth it when you’ve got a cute pair of boots on & some slow, dreary music to go along with it!

i hope all of you are staying warm & dry, wherever you are. (unless, of course, you’re in bakersfield, where it’s probably sunny & 80 degrees today.)

this is perhaps a bit random, but this quote from calvin & hobbes seems appropriate today:

you know, hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.


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