much-needed pick-me-up

weird thing happened yesterday.

after working on a paper for weeks in my legal writing & research class, i actually got the thing back with a grade on it.

law school is funny that way. you work & work & work with little feedback until after finals. (many hastings professors don’t have midterms, like some other law schools.)

the only grade in most of my classes is a final exam. yes, that’s right. one test. one grade for the entire semester.

i was pretty nervous about getting my paper back, but i did just fine. i got a grade i’m pleased with.

i sometimes long for the days in college when i had a test or paper due almost every other class — at least, then, there was some way to track your progress or lack thereof.

in law school, some days i feel completely overwhelmed/lost/confused & other days, i know exactly what needs to be done & i feel confident i can do it. yesterday was more like the latter.

if only for a preliminary boost of confidence, at least all those papers i had to write for my journalism degree are worth something.


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