while sitting at my kitchen table, reading for contracts, i noticed that the pictures on the wall in front of me were jiggling. i looked over to the window & noticed the blinds were shaky, too. i assumed my upstairs neighbors were stomping around their apartment so loudly that it was shaking mine. (this has happened before, but usually after 10:30 at night, on weekends or during baseball games…)

the shaking continued, gradually getting stronger.

usually, the neighbor-induced annoyances are followed by outbursts of laughter & an occasional male grunting. tonight, this was not the case.

“hmmm,” i thought.

eager for a break from studying, i googled san francisco earthquakes & found this site.

sure enough there was a 5.6er at 8:04 pm.

i guess i can’t blame every interruption on my baseball-loving, valley-girl-talking, never-sleeping, high-pitched-voiced, high-heel-wearing, silly upstairs neighbors.


(click to enlarge)


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