over the last few days, i have been exploring los angeles with the boyfriend, his brother, his brother’s girlfriend & my sister.

i am always amazed at how much there is to see & do in LA. even though i was born & grew up a mere two hours from the glamour & excitement of LA, i felt a world apart from it.

LA might as well have been on the other side of the world, because bakersfield (my hometown) is, proudly, that different.

we only went down south for the shopping, for school field trips, or to drive through – heading somewhere else.

all of that being true, i still love all that LA has to offer.

some of the fun, quirky or breathtakingly beautiful places we visited:

(i recommend all of them)

lilly’s french cafe & bar – french food in a super cool part of a super cool neighborhood, venice

a stroll along the canals of venice – beautiful homes backing up to canals styled after those in venice, italy. the christmas lights were spectacular!


the hollyhock house – a home by famous architect frank lloyd wright for an extremely eccentric heiress in the 1920s. many design elements inside & outside of the house were modeled after the hollyhock flower – the original owner’s favorite. (the walking tour was worth the wait!) … my interest in FLW & his architecture was thereafter heightened

the griffith park & observatory – an immense & beautifully natural park with a 1920s-built observatory at the top (winter is best for the beautiful views – we could easily see the hollywood sign & all the way to long beach)


the ambrose hotel – a comfortable, environmentally-friendly hotel in santa monica

the laguna art museum – an excellent art house with the current exhibitions being wayne thiebaud & “shag” (aka: josh agle) — loved it.


yoga works – what better place than gorgeous huntington beach to get some yoga in?


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