“the city keeps on going, we just keep on rolling on.” -joe purdy (the city)

i just turned in my final brief for my moot court class — toiled-over, triple-checked, bound in red and blessed.

although, i think i’ll be holding my breath until i hear if it passes the “10-error rule.”

still, it’s quite a relief to be finished.

i have been writing my brief since the beginning of the semester – for TWO MONTHS. i spent part of friday night and a good part of saturday finishing it up. i really did enjoy most of the process. i love researching and writing, and it was fun being immersed in a topic that will go before the u.s. supreme court in a few months. i am pretty positive the side i argued as counsel for the political parties, respondents, will win in court. (my prediction: the court will hold the state initiative unconstitutional, an initiative that established a new primary system in washington state where the voters could vote for any party, regardless of membership with that party or not & where candidates simply self-identify their political party preference on the ballot, without approval from the party they associate with.) but what do i know . . .

one thing i’m becoming more and more sure of: law school is a lot of work. more work than i could’ve ever imagined.

it’s also the full of the most intellectually stimulating activities i’ve ever done. the reading is dense. the papers are complex and time-consuming. the classes are at times frightening, at times hilarious and at times full of a million little light bulb moments -exhilarating.

i will admit, i could use a break.

thank goodness for spring break.


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  1. passed the 10-error rule!! yay.

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