how ruUUUude!

(1) bus driver on the 47/9 (?) bus yesterday afternoon, yelling at me: “YOUNG LADY, YOU CANNOT GET ON THE BUS YET. ARE YOU BLIND??!! THE BUS IS FULL!”

me, thinking: “ok, but perhaps you’re the blind one. I’m carrying 3 heavy law school books, it’s a long time until the next bus comes, the bus is obviously not completely full, and why did you stop here if no one is getting off.”

(2) working woman in obnoxiously-avocado-green pumps on the bus this afternoon: steps smack dab in the middle of my foot with her heel

me: ooh

heel-stomping woman: oh, i’m sorry.

me, smiling: that’s ok. no big deal.


me, thinking: “i said it was ok. i’m not mad! what are the people on these buses taking? – the crabby-pill?”

(3) my upstairs neighbors last night (positive they were thinking this): “let’s make it so our neighbor downstairs – the girl we never smile at in the halls – will lose out on MORE sleep! let’s stomp around and move furniture at 3 IN THE MORNING ON A MONDAY NIGHT just because it sounds fun!”


… seriously people.


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