baze v. rees

the supreme court today upheld kentucky state’s three-drug method of lethal injection. 

lethal injection is both the most widely used method for capital punishment in the US & HIGHLY controversial. there are arguments that it creates an intolerably severe risk of pain to prisoners, which is a violation of the eighth amendment (“cruel and unusual punishment”) and is unconstitutional. opponents argue that there are other feasibly safer and more humane ways of administering the lethal drugs for those receiving the death penalty. some also argue that the administers of the anesthesia are not properly trained in this field. 

thankfully, california and other states have taken extra precautions [above kentucky] to try to ensure a safer, less painful process for prisoners. however, none of the current methods are completely airtight. 

in the past few months, many executions have been delayed under a moratorium. this moratorium has been lifted. executions will resume in a matter of minutes, i assume, in texas. (i might be exaggerating a bit here.)

i foresee more litigation in the near future. 

honestly, i’m not sure why it’s worth all the law suits for these states with the most contested lethal injection methods to continue with their procedures – just because they don’t want to follow current practices of the administration of anesthesia, practiced in hospitals all over the country for years, or because they don’t want to require more training for the administers of the drugs. why ignore a safer, easily feasible alternative? can it really be that much more expensive? i think the minimal expense is worth it in this case.

to be honest, i don’t agree with the death penalty at all, and i DEFINITELY do not agree with many state’s current methods, like kentucky.

this is the 21st century. do we really want to leave the option open for those on death row to feel excruciating pain, while rendered paralyzed and unable to let administers know? does ANY criminal act warrant this?

regardless of the fact that in this kentucky case, the petitioners (convicted murderers sentenced to death) did not meet the legal test for proving the unconstitutionality of the state’s method of lethal injection – does this seem wrong to anyone else?

justice stevens felt bound by precedent to uphold kentucky’s method. however, he called for an abolishment of the death penalty altogether.

“state-sanctioned killing,” justice stevens said, is “becoming more and more anochronistic.”  

well put.


4 Responses

  1. Dear Anna:: Hope you don’t mind me reading your blog. I think you really do a great job. Although, my heart truly goes out to victims – families of victims – who have experienced terrible crimes – I understand your point.

    I think life in prison w/o parole is a far worse fate than the death penalty. If we can make sure that some of these horrific crimes are not forgotten,and those who perpitrate them are never allowed out again, I think doing away with the death penalty would be the best course. Thanks for your great thoughts!! lots of love, Aunt G-

  2. aunt georgia: i’m SO GLAD that you found my blog! it’s nice to hear from you & it’s also wonderful to know your opinion. thanks for not thinking my ideas are completely crazy!

  3. Dear Anna: No – I would never think your ideas are crazy – oh contrare!! You are so well spoken and you have such a gift for the written word – Shakespeare would be so proud!
    Keep thinking and writing and keep us up to date.

    By the way, who should we vote for (President)

    Blessings – AG

  4. One more thought – I keep you and Virginia in my prayers as you go through law school. I treasure what you both think and I believe you both have such great ideas and insight!

    I know that if you both put all of these new ideas and thoughts through the grid of Holy Scripture you will never, never go wrong – no matter what anyone else thinks
    SO – keep thinking good thoughts!! Philippians 4

    Lots of love AG

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