just got back from an amazingly relaxing weekend in oregon.

a much-needed break from the recently hectic life i’ve been leading here in san francisco.

we stayed at a friend’s beautiful vineyard in oregon. honestly, i can say that I finally received the inner rest that i’d been needing so badly these past few weeks & months. i was surrounded by wonderfully welcoming, loving people, in a warmly comforting country home, amidst some of the most beautiful scenery i’ve ever seen – luscious green mountains, prancing deer, puppies, sheep, a horse, grape vines, wildflowers, & crisp, clear spring air.

& boy, did we eat well – for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

i also began reading a very fitting book: “the geography of bliss: one grump’s search for the happiest places in the world.” it’s an intriguing account of a journalist’s travels around the world, in search of the “happiest place.” his very personal stories of some popular and remote locations are fascinating. before today, i did not even know bhutan existed!

we slept in (some of us), went for a hike, ate big breakfasts and even bigger dinners, read walt whitman, had an impromptu “happening,” avoided cellphones and computers, watched a movie (my big, fat, greek wedding), sat by the fire while it crackled (it was chilly in the mornings & evenings!), celebrated a friend’s birthday, relaxed in the jacuzzi under the stars after dinner, generally laughed and had a good time … & i forgot all about the stresses of law school & decided to take lots of pictures – i was trying to make up for the lack of photos taken over the past year. (they will be added soon!)

just what i needed.


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