cheers to thursday!

this morning i woke up thankful. happy and thankful.

this doesn’t happen everyday. i am not exactly what you’d call a morning person. i’ve tried & tried & tried to enjoy mornings, but it just never sticks.

i don’t necessarily wake up completely grumpy. i just feel the weight of sleepiness heavy on me, & after dozens of hits on the snooze button, i dizzily stumble to the shower.

if i go for a run in the early hours, i don’t even really wake up until about halfway through the run … it’s kind of sad. i think this means i’m hopeless.

despite all of this, i woke up this morning with a grin – a silly, innocent, little-child-with-golden-ringlets grin across my face. (i’m pretty sure my ever-elusive dimples even popped out for a bit.) i felt refreshed. & it wasn’t really due to any extra sleep. in fact, i had less than normal – as i decided to START laundry last night at, oh, about 10:30!

the morning light seemed softer. my bed felt cozier. the cool breeze coming through the window seemed scented even, i swear!

i made some coffee. ate some fruit & cereal. & hopped onto 3191 (a beautiful photography site – check out their cute backstory here) & found a shot that captured how i felt. . .

so cheers to thursday! & many more mornings like this.


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