i ♥ pac heights

just wanted to share some pac heights news with you  . . .
so, today, as i was riding the bus to work, i noticed a mass of people on fillmore… a bunch of camera crews, a man in a black beret, huge lighting apparatuses, tripods & neat yellow cones to direct traffic away from the mess.

i asked someone on the bus what was going on, and they said they were shooting a movie. like, “it’s no big deal, honey, just a movie.” but i’m thinking, HOW COOL IS THAT? they’re shooting a movie on fillmore. like 3 blocks from my little studio apartment. i’m sure the movie will be fab, i mean, can you think of a cuter location? i wonder if they need any extras??

& if you were wondering, here’s a list of movies that – at least in part – were shot in pacific heights:

down to you, the wedding planner, mrs. doubtfire, pacific heights (called a “horror film for yuppies,” of course!), dr. doolittle, the princess diaries, basic instinct, nine months, and the list goes on… 

(carrie & i outside of bittersweet on fillmore)

pac heights: the neighborhoodthe shopping. the architecture.

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