this wedding weekend

i just spent a fabulous weekend in san antonio, texas, for kirstin’s wedding!

it was such a great way to see & catch up with many of my college friends…

we chatted at a luncheon:

we were lavished with thoughtful gifts from the bride:

we laughed at cheesily-texan people & adornments:

we explored the riverwalk:

we went to the alamo:

we oooohhed & ahhhhed at the church during the rehearsal:

we ate yummy mexican food and had many laughs at the rehearsal dinner:

we were all stunned by kirstin & her calm demeanor on her wedding day:

& (of course) we had a BLAST at the reception, dancing the night away!:

(the awesome band girls!)

(gorgeous cake!)

(pretty bouquets!)


3 Responses

  1. looked beautiful in your dress!

  2. ya’ll looked beautiful! and what a gorgeous church. kirsten was glowing and (yes) you looked beautiful in your dress!!

    love you.

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