law school is all about the questions.

professors teach in the socratic method, drilling home that the answers must come from us not them. 

even today, my constitutional law professor (who wrote our textbook, a large supplement to the text, & other law books) asks only questions. does not give any answers. students have expressed their anxiety at his overly-socratic method and he responded today by saying that we must “own” our law educations, not merely seek to fill in the blanks with professor’s words. “we’re not that smart,” he mumbled. 

i disagree with that last part, but he’s right about the rest.

this questioning is SO TIRING sometimes. i read & read & read. go over class notes & book notes & supplementary material. I read some more. and rarely do the answers jump off the page. 

i see problems outside, on the street, in the tenderloin. i see crack/heroine addicts. i see alcoholics. i see despair. 

rarely are the answers as blatant as the questions & the problems & the confusion.


all of this reminds me of a letter rilke wrote to a young poet that i used to read to myself in undergrad when i wasn’t so sure about what to do with myself or my life or the problem that had poked it’s wiry little head up at that moment:


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  1. Just ask you boyfriend, he has all the answers (or at least some hugs and kisses for you 🙂

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