in 2008 i …

Voted for Barack Obama.  Prayed he would win.

Got my law school grades from first year.  Beat myself up about it, then went on with life.

Worked at an immigration firm in SF.  

Felt clients’ pain when Visas and Green Cards were rejected.  Celebrated with clients when applications were approved.

Made a great decision to be a teacher’s assistant for Legal Writing & Research.  Became protective of my “little” 1Ls.

Kept 3 plants alive.  Killed 2 in the process.

Celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday.

Found myself filled with joy as a good friend got married.  Wore dark teal as a bridesmaid.

Cried after I got home from class more than once.  

Learned the healing power of happy hour.

Left my iPhone in a cab.  Felt gratitude for the cabbie that tracked me down.

Joined a community group through my church.  Best decision all year.

Read hundreds of cases – funny, inspiring, sad, boring.  Finally started getting the hang of this law school thing.

Was asked to be on a Journal.

Went white-water rafting.  

Visited San Antonio, a vineyard in Oregon, Palo Alto, Marin, Sausalito, Los Angeles, and others.

Learned that baking is my therapy.  Licked fingers after stirring batter for shortbread, muffins, biscuits, cupcakes, and cookies. 

Tried to cut back on coffee intake.  Fell in love with Vanilla Bean & Orange Dulce teas by Mighty Leaf. 

Bought a fish.  Named her Eleanor after the former First Lady [who happens to share my first name]. 


Scrubbed and bleached the bathtub too many times to count. Affirmed all indications that I am a clean freak.

Decided San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the world.  And too expensive to call home forever.


Fell more in love with my darling boyfriend.  So, so thankful for the ways he loves me and keeps me sane.

Fell in love again with my life.


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