what i wish i had time to read…

the financial times [every single column written by monacle’s editor, tyler brule]. — hilariously elitist.

the associate, john grisham. —  typical law-related book from this lawyer turned famous author. a law school graduate is forced to take a job at a large, brutalizing law firm.

the death of innocents: a reasonable doubt, adam liptak. — discusses the author’s view that america is executing innocent people. i tend to agree.

the nine, inside the secret world of the supreme court, jeffrey toobin. — explores the “hidden” world of powerful change in the supreme court. many of the justices’ positions will open up in the near future. four of the justices are in their 70s, and john paul stevens is 88! [obama expects to leave a major footprint on the court] the author of the nine was a former US attorney and is now a staff writer at the new yorker and senior legal analyst at CNN [proof it will be well-written]. 

outliers, malcolm gladwell. — i pick up this book and read a little more each time i step in a bookstore. interesting chapter on lessons to be learned from a rags-to-riches lawyer story. 

. . . most are law-related. i guess that means i chose the right profession – something i’m deeply interested in!


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  1. Hey, Brad read The Nine and really enjoyed it. It was a lot to digest, so it took him a while, but he recommends it. Hope you’re doing well! xoxo

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