a san francisco saturday


the boyfriend took me to the MOST AMAZING brunch on saturday – at garibaldi’s on presidio. YUM. i had bacon & potato hash with eggs & fresh-squeezed orange juice. robert had a frittata (all of which was just perfect).

. . . we will definitely go back sometime.


then we headed to the de young for one of the BEST museum experiences i have ever had. there were a few really great exhibits going on – andy warhol live, yves saint laurent, and signs: wordplay in photography. i suggest anyone in san francisco should head over for what will be the best $15 you spend all week! 

. . . subsequently, became intrigued with andy warhol & gathered enough information online to write a report on the guy! (interested? — see here, here, & here)


we also went to kabuki cinema to see duplicity. great movie, but i’m still a bit confused about the ending.

. . . can anyone who’s seen it explain to me why it ended that way?

a beautiful saturday with the darling boyfriend.

4 Responses

  1. i wish i could spend everyday with my love… 🙂

  2. you two are too cute! love the saturday visuals of your day! that boyfriend of yours is a sweetie..miss you both! hugs pam

  3. Duplicity: (SPOILERS AHOY)
    It ended that way because our protagonists had been outsmarted by Tom Wilkinson. While they thought they were double-crossing both companies, they were actually being manipulated into a complicated scheme to ruin Paul Giamatti in front of his shareholders and turn him into a laughing stock by promising a ridiculous “cure” that doesn’t exist.

  4. thanks for the comment, semanticdrifter.

    it just seemed to me that the manipulation by both companies of our protagonists was overly time-consuming & far-reaching to be realistic. this was my major complaint about the film.

    the verdict on duplicity: interesting to watch, fun to try & decipher, but a little too dramatic for my logic-minded brain.

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