my break: part I

before work starts, i have 10 days to spend doing whatever i please. this is how it began…

day 1, saturday: 

  • cleaned the entire apartment – bathroom, kitchen, wood floors, & windows. [to some this may not seem relaxing, but i had been waiting to do this for over a month!] 
  • helped robby finish up his thesis [yay!] + took it to get printed at kinko’s.
  • had dinner at long bar  – salad & calamari.
  • went to a friend’s new condo to part-ay!

day 2, sunday: 

  • robert made chocolate chip pancakes for us for breakfast [you can get the great mix here].
  • picked up robby’s thesis & drove it to palo alto [where his professor lives to ensure on-time delivery].  
  • had lunch and shopped a bit in palo. love that cute town so much!! [some day i will see a classic christmas film here.]
  • dinner at the blue barn in the marina, san fran. the weather was just so absolutely perfect that we sat outside & absorbed the sunshine.

day 3, monday: 

  • made homemade biscuits for breakfast. ate with apricot jam [my all-time favorite!] + orange juice. 
  • wrote some overdue thank you cards that had been patiently waiting for me to finish finals.
  • brought robby lunch at work. [he now officially has a master’s degree – he deserves it!!]
  • did a little shopping with some birthday gift cards. [spent entirely too much time looking at cute knickknacks in anthropologie!]
  • went for a run.
  • dinner with stasie & robby!

One Response

  1. enjoy your deserve it..and also thank you for helping Robby with the thesis..getting it printed and delivering it…you are a wonderful girlfriend for my son! my hugs to you

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