my break: part II


day 4, tuesday: 

  • cooked chicken hash w/an egg for breakfast. YUM!
  • baked peach cobbler, just for fun.
  • made homemade granola. very impressed with the results. much better than store-bought AND healthier!!
  • grilled cheese + brussel sprouts for dinner.

day 5, wednesday: 

  • went for a good, long run. 
  • worked on cover letters for externship applications.
  • researched which classes to take in the fall.  the list, as of now: corporations, tax, contract writing & analysis, negotiations, criminal procedure, comparative corporate governance.  [this list will need to be shortened; i always want to take more classes than i have time for!]

day 6, thursday: 

  • ate homemade granola for breakfast with hazelnut coffee (my new favorite!)
  • got a little freaked out about not being prepared for my summer job …
  • subsequently, did a bunch of cali exercises to brush up on legal writing & research.
  • had gumbo at brenda’s french soul food for lunch. SO worth the 45-minute wait!
  • exchanged a dress i bought here a few days ago — for a cuter black one. much happier with it!
  • went to a “pilates mat” class (& decided i like yoga much better).
  • upset the office was a repeat.  😦

day 7, friday: 

  • ate homemade granola for breakfast. definitely making this again.
  • did four long-overdue loads of laundry (!!!) – it took ALL morning…
  • had coffee with a lovely local hastings grad i had met at a hastings clerkship reception. discussed my career path & got lots of excellent advice for the future. thankful to be getting better at networking.  
  • took a nap. usually, i have trouble falling asleep, but not today!
  • dinner at 1550 hyde cafe & wine bar to celebrate robby’s graduation. SO proud!!
  • coffee at nook. a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!





[if you look closely at the last picture, you can see robby’s head is turning to look at the trolley passing outside the window.]



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