my style

took the style quiz on & discovered mine is . . .

vintage modern

decorology Victoria Perry Victorias+house+-+lounge


cottage chic

domino gasl02_warmmodern


modern elegance 

decorology martha stewart la100324_1003_traylivingroom


this might be the first quiz, ever, that turned out to be pretty accurate. 

(i have a long history of taking quizzes with horribly inaccurate results – starting with that first “career aptitude test” we were required to take in high school which informed me that i was best suited for a career as an air traffic controller. i mean, seriously?!! i am SO glad high school tests don’t determine our careers like in france!)


One Response

  1. Ohhh, I like vintage modern and cottage chic. I guess modern elegance is okay, but it doesn’t look too comfortable.

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