grace in the small things… it’s never a bad idea to look for things to be thankful for in our daily lives.

as oxford english dictionary defines “grace” — elegance of movement; courteous good will; attractice qualities or behavior; the free and unearned favour of God; a short prayer of thanks. [all great things!]

today, i am thankful for…


  • a healthy body that allows me to walk, run, ride my bike, go to yoga, & enjoy lots of outdoor activities
  • trips with friends, moms, & dads (camping!  oregon!  caribbean cruise!)
  • my african violet that always stretches over to the window to reach for the sun & continues to bloom cheery little purple blossoms every few weeks
  • unusually warm weather in san francisco
  • margaritas! chips & salsa!
  • good books & a great local bookstore (browser books, on fillmore)
  • fresh-squeezed, homemade lemonade
  • real simple magazine
  • iced coffee with 1/2 & 1/2
  • sweet boyfriends


also, another reason to love my name: “anna” means graceful one.


2 Responses

  1. i love that you’re thankful to spend time with your family.

  2. […] part two thought i would make another grace in the small things post […]

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