i’ve been meaning to update this for awhile…

the list (10 things i would like to do before i’m 30): 

  • 1.  pass the california bar
  • 2.  go skydiving
  • 3.  run another (half) marathon
  • 4.  cook an entire meal (from appetizers to dessert) for at least 15 people, all by myself 
  • 5.  visit italy (lucca, in particular) for the first time + visit london again
  • 6.  climb an extremely tall mountain (mt. whitney?)
  • 7.  take another french class (+ read a french novel?)
  • 8.  watch more oscar-winning films
  • 9.  volunteer more to help the poor & homeless in san francisco (and any other city i find myself living)
  • 10.  get a dog

u11428486 images images-1  

do any of you have any ideas of things i should add to the list? 

what’s on your list?


2 Responses

  1. what about get married and have babies? 🙂

  2. this is a list of things i want to do BEFORE i’m 30, robert!! 🙂

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