it’s gonna be sweet!

for the 60th anniversary of candyland they have turned the crookedest street (lombard) into a life-size version of the board game!

this is what the street normally looks like: 


i have SO many memories of playing this game with my sister, brother, and friends down the street on seven oak court… do you remember the gingerbread people? king kandy? gramma nut? mamma ginger tree? princess lolly? princess frostine? lord licorice? & gloppy the chocolate monster?

from this: 


to this: 



from SF Appeal: “the street will be closed to traffic as children from the university of california, san francisco children’s hospital participate in the game as colored game pieces and interact with life-sized game characters, according to organizers.” (why do only children get to play?! oh well…)

i haven’t been able to head over to see it, but i just might have to take a fieldtrip today to see my favorite childhood board game come to life.



2 Responses

  1. Love it!!

  2. someone needs to update their blog!

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