promises like pie crust*

for those of you that wait anxiously for updates to this blog (most likely none of you)… i would like to apologize for the extremely long gap in posting.

these last few weeks have been filled with more running around, stressing out, & altogether anxiety than normal.

i am hoping that a brief recap of things i’ve been up to will fill the void in your lives that has been empty for so long (almost a month – since my last post on candyland, august 19, to be exact).

what i have been up to

  • going to class, reading for class, and (due to my own misfortune) being called on multiple times in every one of my classes.  these include:  federal income tax (challenging, but surprisingly, i love it!); corporations (the professor is a renowned corporate law expert – he shows up on news stations all the time & gets cited by courts in cases; we aren’t required to buy a casebook but must subscribe to the wall street journal); state & local government law; administrative law; and contract writing & analysis (highly practical & super interesting).
  • training 2Ls how to do journal tasks & doing my own editing to law journal articles — this requires copious amounts of time spent up on the 22nd floor of the mcallister tower, in the law journal office (at least there’s a really cool view).
  • applying for clerkships with federal judges for after i graduate law school — although i do not intend to even get interviews for any of these highly-competitive positions, i’m proud of myself for sending out dozens of applications.  this includes drafting cover letters, acquiring recommendations from professors, editing my resume & writing sample, among other things.
  • applying to internships for next semester — this includes pretty much everything mentioned above.
  • stressing out.
  • cooking & baking to de-stress — this includes: one of the best homemade blackberry pies robert & i agree we’ve ever tasted (the recipe is from molly’s recipes); homemade tacos with homemade guacamole (& homemade margaritas, to boot!); cookies; homemade arugula and fontina cheese pizza; etc.


exciting events that passed & those that are coming up

  • robert & i celebrated our third anniversary  earlier this month —  oh, how lucky i am to be with sweet robby austin.  as we like to say, “we’re still in love after all these years…”  ha!  robert rented a car, drove me to an undisclosed location (turned out to be adorable los gatos, ca), & had an appointment for a very fancy pedicure for me when we got there.  it was all so thoughtful & a fun way to celebrate!  we even used the car the next morning to drive over the gg bridge to sausalito for breakfast… man, i miss having a car here sometimes.


  • a cousin’s wedding in charleston, south carolina on october 3!  — this is the first camp cousin wedding.  i’m sure it will be nothing but classy and fun.  robert is also excited since he’s never been to charleston before.  i just know he’ll fall in love with the city.
  • graduating in may 2010 — when i first began law school, they sent me a magnet that said “class of 2010” on it.  it made graduation seem so far away. i mean, i wasn’t even sure how to say it … twenty-ten or two-thousand-ten? … but now 2010 is so close i can almost taste it.  this is VERY exciting.

*this is the name of a song by carla bruni. (my interpretation of the song: we all make promises sometimes that are so crumbly & weak, yet sweet, that they fall apart the minute you try to grab onto them – like pie crust.  / i promised to update this blog regularly, and this song is a reminder that we all, at times, make good-intentioned promises like pie crust.)  other carla bruni favorites include:  l’amoureuse, le temps perdu, l’antilope, l’excessive, la derniere minue, & quelqu-un qui m’a dit.  yes, this is the “loose” woman (also: singer, songwriter, & former model) who is married to the annoying french president nicolas sarkozy.

i still like her music.  especially the french stuff.



2 Responses

  1. wow, you’re amazing! (must be why i’m so in love with you)…

  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary!! Bob and I thought about you two because we saw the greek festival signs around town!! Sounds like you had a happy time driving around and going to that Cute little town!! Hugs Pam

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