in the spirit of fall

after reading posts about fall on the blogs of a dear friend and my sister, i thought i’d capture what i love most about this season.

FALL - Pumpkins

autumn is great because …

  • the films: i can watch you’ve got mail with a cup of coffee on a saturday morning and chalk it up as a personal, fall tradition (not that i don’t watch the movie other times of the year) … the only problem with this little tradition is that it makes me want to book a plane ticket to new york the very minute the opening credits roll. other favorite fall films include: love actually, funny face, father of the bride, & any of the friends episodes that revolve around thanksgiving (i cheated, that’s not a movie, but close enough!)
  • the food: they sell pumpkin pie at the grocery store … one of my favorite desserts! and, oh how i love trying new fall recipes from here & here. last but not least, let’s not forget about thanksgiving dinner – hello, fall feast!
  • the colors: changing leaves and warm-colored flowers are right up my alley.
  • the decorations: i can buy mini pumpkins to decorate my apartment. they are just so darned cute!
  • the smells: williams-sonoma sells their spiced chestnut candle that i buy, as a treat for myself, every fall … it smells like a homemade pumpkin pie is in the oven. nothing better! and while we’re on the “smell” theme, i will admit, i’m a fan of pumpkin spice lattes (so yummy & sweet), and oh how i love the smell of coffee shops as they’re making these fall-themed drinks!
  • the clothes: now, i realize that in san francisco, the weather tracks fall almost all year round, but i am a girl with a heart for fall and winter clothes. i do love dresses, but my favorite seasonal clothing has got to be layered sweaters, jackets, jeans, boots, and clothes with hints of dark browns and greens. truth be told, i don’t spend much money on clothes these days, but i do love to check out the fall trends on, even if merely to window-shop!
  • the music: maybe it’s just me, but i also love listening to fall-themed songs this time of year. a few of my favorites? –  “i love the rain the most” by joe purdy; “fire” by rachel loshak; “the city” by matt kearney; “nobody knows me at all” by the weepies; “both sides now” by joni mitchell; “if you were coming in the fall” by carla bruni; “sea green, see blue” and “corduroy” by jaymay; & pretty much anything by frank sinatra.
  • the upcoming break: it’s not long until christmas and a month-long break (although, this will most likely be my last such break). also, this break doesn’t come without a price = final exams!

enjoy your fall, wherever you are!



2 Responses

  1. You have captured it so well! One of my favorite seasons as well 🙂 I made a yummy batch of butternut squash soup this weekend. Any good recipes for pumpkin desserts from one of my favorite bakers?
    Xoxo. Ash

  2. Oh, that’s so funny! I made butternut squash soup (for the first time) last weekend too!! My new favorite!! 🙂
    And, yes, I have lots of dessert recipes that include pumpkin… a few good ones:
    pumpkin cranberry bread –

    pumpkin swirl brownies –

    pumpkin spice quick bread – [it’s a mix, but it’s really good too!]

    & i’ve been meaning to try this pumpkin cheesecake:


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