attention foodies!

tonight, robert & i made dinner.  i’m talking an all-out, homemade-everything meal.

for the last few fridays, we’ve been trying new recipes of dishes we’d never attempted before.  it’s a fairly inexpensive, fun way to spend a friday night, if you ask me!  😉  martha stewart would be proud…

tonight, we made gruyere & chive scones from scratch. you can find the recipe here.


we also made homemade risotto with mushrooms, asparagus, and parmesan cheese.  so delicious.  i highly recommend this recipe for anyone who loves risotto.  it does take quite a bit of time of stirring the dish while standing over a hot stove, but the final result is completely worth the effort!  (at one point, i had to leave the freezer door open to cool myself off … darn, my teensy-weensy, stuffy kitchen.)  you can find the risotto recipe here.  (it’s a recipe from martha stewart’s personal chef, so i guess we should’ve known it would be a bit complicated.)


any new recipes you’ve tried that you’d be willing to share here?


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  1. sounds like you guys are getting ready for Iron Chef!! Wow totally impressed with the menu! Sounds Delish… guys could cook for your parents and us anytime!!! miss you both much …cant wait to see you! Hugs Pam

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