what i never knew i couldn’t live without, until law school

this grind & brew coffee maker (my neighbors must hate the loud rocket-ship-launching grinding sound it makes every morning, and often in the afternoons)

peach black tea (i have gone through SO many boxes of this tea!)

my macbook (which hasn’t failed me yet & saves me from hand cramps in class/on exams!)

orange juice (because all those glasses of oj are the only explanation for why i haven’t gotten sick much in law school – after riding the muni every day with what always seems like a busload of sick people)

these bose noise-canceling headphones (because my upstairs neighbors like to stomp around in boots at 2 am. a lot.)

this bill evans trio cd (it is the perfect mix of upbeat and low-key jazz music that makes for perfect study tunes … i think i must have listened to this about 5,000 times over the last couple years) thanks robert!

wikipedia (when you need a brief recap of that SCOTUS case that isn’t quite fitting together in your notes)

lexis nexis (when you need a good case brief or some major help with that research paper)

my bathtub (when you need a nice, long bubble bath after a long, hard day) …

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