a golden birthday

sunday was robby’s “golden” birthday (the day he turns the age of his birth day – 28!), so we celebrated this milestone all around san francisco.  just in case you were wondering …

i made him homemade buttermilk pancakes. he had bananas and pecans on his & i had dark chocolate chips, pecans, and peanut butter on mine. (it’s all about the toppings, we say.) we had granola with yogurt & fruit. we drank mimosas & good coffee. i ate entirely too much! we both wanted a nap after breakfast, but we pressed on…

[don’t be fooled by his face, he LOVED the card!]

we next headed over to the sf museum of modern art (the MOMA) to peruse some new exhibits & stop by our favorite pieces in the permanent collection – fascinating photography of california and san francisco’s past, monet, renoir, matisse, etc.

we had lunch at the MOMA (delicious), and then we headed upstairs to explore the new rooftop garden. we’d heard blue bottle coffee (some of the best coffee in all of sf & the world, in our opinion!) was being served on the roof, & we couldn’t wait to check it out. we shared a perfect latte (in a heath ceramics mug) in the sculpture garden, complete with a foam heart!  we sat on a bench in the sun for awhile because it had turned into a clear, sunshiney day (a nice break from all the gloomy, rain-filled days we’ve had).

next, i had a nap scheduled into the day’s activities because it was robby’s birthday (& we all know how he likes naps)… he was happy about this surprise!

after naps, we headed to the “top of the mark” (a bar on the top floor of the mark hopkins hotel) for cocktails.  robby had a merlot, & i tried what they called a “dirty olivia” – a dirty gin martini.  the drinks were fabulous, & it was a beautifully clear night.  we had a table by the window, & it was fun pointing out the buildings where we work & go to school, our apartments, our favorite neighborhoods, & the bridges!

after cocktails, we went to dinner at saffron grill in robby’s old neighborhood on divisadero.  it was a fun, hole-in-the-wall type of family-run place.  adorable & homey.  the food was delicious.  robby loved that i fit some indian food into his day. (it’s his absolute favorite!)

after dinner, we headed back to my apartment for cheesecake, topped with fruit (& complete with a candle – you never get too old to make a wish!) & hot tea.

it was a wonderful, relaxing day to celebrate robby’s 28th year of life.  it was literally  good to the last drop.

i’m just so glad he was born!

3 Responses

  1. That entire day sounds so fun. And I love that you scheduled a nap! Too cute.

  2. I am going to say the day was scheduled around Robby and good food! Love you!

  3. what a perfect birthday for my son!! thank you Anna…loved reading about your day together…hugs

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