meals in a snap

often, i find myself cooking completely random meals made up of whatever i happen to have in the kitchen at that time … grilled cheese with pickles & carrot/spinach salad? pasta with zuccini &  mushrooms? pitas with feta & boxed couscous? nachos with black beans & veggies?

but when i take the time to plan out meals, they often turn out a lot healthier & much more satisfying.  here are a few quick & easy recipes robby &/or i have tried over the last few weeks that i think you’ll love too!

[most of these recipes also make for great leftovers!]

& for dessert, the best homemade sugar cookies i’ve ever had: martha stewart’s ideal sugar cookie recipe

happy cooking [&  baking]!!


One Response

  1. the real simple linguini, asparagus, and parmesan recipe is totally my go to meal…so easy and yet soooo tasty!

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